Virtual Exchange to Tackle Wicked Problems: Latin American and European Collaboration on Education for Sustainable Development

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Is a project for capacity building to address the wicked problems our global community faces, VAMOS offers virtual exchange for teachers and students to transform university education for sustainable development.


The aim of VAMOS is to design a virtual course for students, focused on wicked problems. Furthermore… 


Interviews with members

Read what it means to be a teacher in VAMOS or get some insight from the lead trainer in virtual exchange in VAMOS about how to develop VE projects…

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Digital Photo Exhibition – Sustainability Stories

Sustainability Stories on Campus is a series of photos and short texts shared by students. These personal narratives of sustainability initiatives on campuses should inspire and motivate others to take action.

Visit our Digital Photo Exhibition, a series of photos and short texts shared by students.



“The promise of transformative learning based on sustainability as a core value is that it, promotes socio-ecological literacy, prepares students for a future we do not know and facilitates action for social transformation.”

Dr. Shepherd Urenje –  Swedish International Centre of Education for Sustainable Development (SWEDESD)


“Vamos is a unique opportunity to create an international exchange of teaching methods that will effectively bring together professors and students around the causes of wicked problems and their resolution”

Libia Patricia Peralta Agudelo – UTFPR, Brazil

"The challenge is to design an educational offer that goes beyond the local territory, yet enhancing its uniqueness. We should offer students unparalleled opportunities for accessing a global dimension."

Prof. Monica Fedeli – UNIPD, Italy

“Making money and changing the world is a new paradigm that needs to be taught to the new generation of professionals. VAMOS - let's start the change!”

Prof. Carla Pasa Gomez – UFPE, Brazil



How Virtual Exchange is helping tackle Wicked Problems – UTFPR

How Virtual Exchange is helping tackle Wicked Problems – UTFPR

“This is ultimately a community school project teaching food security and values to children in deprived areas. The school has made incredible strides in penetrating a difficult community and transmitting government recommendations to the people and in creating a safe...

VAMOS Meeting Round up from Padova (24-26th October 2022)

VAMOS Meeting Round up from Padova (24-26th October 2022)

There is a frisson of excitement in the room at the University of Padova. The frescoed ceiling is an unexpected surprise because the room itself is modern, equipped with a screen, projector and an array of cables numerous enough to satisfy most people’s technical...

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