Teacher meeting 8-11 March

Mar 15, 2022 | 0 comments

As the definition of each pilot course becomes clearer, the opportunity to exchange
experiences and teachings between project teams becomes ever more beneficial. This
set the stage for the four-day-long teacher meeting in the middle of march, which
provided time for each group to share progress on their respective projects and jointly
evaluate development so far. The aim was achieved by structuring an overarching
activity for the meeting that let each teacher group prepare a showcase of their
respective pilot courses. Accordingly, the first day saw each project group split into
breakout rooms to start off preparation on the presentations that would be held at the
end of the week.

The second day began with a shift in focus over to the Digital badges and certificates
awarded to VAMOS-participants. Teresa MacKinnon from UNICollaboration held a crash
course in the function of the open badges and how to manage them. The latter part of the
day was spent continuing work on the project showcase.

With a clear picture of how the courses would map out, the natural next step was to
consider what comes after the test period. In preparation of this, the third day was spent
planning the follow-up evaluation that students would have an opportunity to take part
in after participating in VAMOS. The joint session saw an opportunity for each project
group to share their thoughts on how to best adapt the evaluation to the diverse cast of
pilot courses. Which gave way to a great exchange between teams.
Closing off a week full of cooperation, Friday gave each project group a chance to
showcase the catch-up material they had prepared during the week with a Q/A session
following each presentation. Five projects were presented in total:

• Sustainable Tourism in Coastal Areas from UU, UFPE and UPNFM
• Protected Areas Management from UFPA and UNIPD
• Sustainable Cities & Communities from UNACIFOR and UNIFPD
• Water and forest: Issues on community sustainable tourism and agroecology from
• A systematic approach to the understanding of the dynamics between People,
Forests and Water from UU, UTH and UTFPR

The activity proved to be a motivating and engaging way to learn from each other’s
development, to look back on what’s been achieved so far and to get a scope what lies
ahead in development.


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